SIA SnowShow hits Web2.0

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) came into existence in 1954 and is a nonprofit organization that works in conjunction with all realms of the snow sport industry, including manufacturers, reps, retailers and resorts.  Each year, the organization hosts an enormous four day event in Denver Colorado (prior to 2009 Las Vegas, NV) called the SIA SnowShow, where all of these groups get together to promote, test, distribute and talk about the coming year’s product lines.  It’s an event in the snow sport industry like no other.  So how do they get everyone in the industry coordinated on this event?

(Friend, SMAD alum, and fellow Function 4 employee Pierce Hodges appears at the 16 and 30 second marks!)

Aside from its long existence and stellar reputation, SIA has begun implementing social media campaigns just like so many of the players in the industry.  They have well maintained and frequently updated Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They also have a YouTube channel where you can check out video of the SnowShow event and find out what you missed if you couldn’t attend.  These videos are an amazing resource when it comes to promotion of product lines.  Users can simply watch the video and get the quick facts on whatever products are featured in it.  They assist potential buyers in decision making as well as reminding them of key product details.  On their home page, SIA has logo buttons to link users to these media outlets.

In addition to these common media outlets and SIA’s homepage, they also have a site strictly dedicated to the SnowShow.  Pertinent information such as dates, scheduling, lodging and other vital resources are readily available on this sub-site.  Also, potential exhibitors can gather information to determine what they need to do to have their products and representatives present at the show.  This site simplifies these tasks that in the past could have been painstakingly difficult to achieve without the one-stop location available.

The above mentioned features are common in today’s business world.  SIA, for its 2010 show took a step to further simplify and create a better atmosphere – they created an iPhone app which helps in managing your time and schedule.  It contains the exhibit map as well as GPS tracking to easily navigate around the show, which without a map can be very confusing, with over 3,000 booths set up by the retailers.  It also allows users to manage appointments and take brief notes about who the meeting is set up with, etc.  The event is only four days long so it’s crucial to set a schedule in


2010 SIA Booth Layout

advance and to be able to edit it on the fly.  The app also receives event alerts to keep everybody informed in a timely manner.  In the future I expect to see some sort of interface that allows SnowShow attendees, such as manufacturers and retailers, to easily communicate brief messages with one another through the application.  There’s a lot of potential growth of the app, as it was just rolled out for the first time this past January.

SIA’s website also acts as an aggregate of snow sport press releases.  They have their own news which they release on the site, but they also keep an updated list of the press releases from snow sport companies.  The amount of information available through the press release section is incredible and a great way to find out the latest industry news.

Overall, SIA is a great partner and advocate of the snow industry.  It has facilitated growth and progression for the past 6 decades and is going as strong as ever with its social media campaign.  Communication is key in the business side of the snow sport industry and social media is only going to improve it.  Well, only 197 days until the 2011 show!! See you there.


~ by Eric Gustafson on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “SIA SnowShow hits Web2.0”

  1. SIA is definitely showing a lot of social media innovation not only in the snowboarding world but for all different industry shows by creating an iPhone app. That seems to be a great way to help visitors manage their time and come prepared. There is an app for practically everything else out there why not for these kinds of events? Like you said, communication is key in any industry today.

    Now if only we all could have iPhones…

  2. It’s very interesting to see how an event like this could use social media to make the event more successful, especially with the iPhone app. I’m curious to see if they were able to measure how effective their social media strategies were in bringing people to the event. This seems like a very important event for snow sports for bringing the community together and sharing breakthroughs in the industry. Even though the event is only once a year, they actually keep their Twitter and Facebook pages up to date year round. I really want to go after watching that video! Do you really plan on going next year Eric? If so, you might want to get an iPhone!

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