Shayboarder: One of a Kind


Shayboarder in Action

Shannon Johnson, is really one-of-a-kind.  As she says on her site, she’s the one-woman machine that produces the snowboard blog known as Shayboarder.  It’s a great blog that provides all sorts of material for its audience including product reviews, a “shred journal,” event recaps and photos.

As I’ve pointed out in my past two entries, blogs provide a great medium for business to promote their ventures; it’s also a great way for passionate individuals to produce a compilation of information, photos and video to share with the world.  And that’s exactly what Shannon is doing with her masterpiece, Shayboarder.  She’s garnered a large following over the years and does a great job of helping her audience promote herself through links to RSS, Facebook and Twitter, a common practice we’re seeing in the blogosphere.

One of the best features of the site is her product reviews.  She provides a sorted list of goods, broken down by model year as well as the product type, such as snowboard, bindings and various other goods.  It’s always interesting to get a fresh take on products in an honestly written review.  For the 2009-2010 season alone, she has over 50 snowboard reviews!  These reviews are almost all substantial and she obviously knows what she’s talking about with that much experience and that many reviews for on season alone.

As I mentioned in my last post, the snowboarding community is one that is tightly knit and her blog proves this, with the large amount of followers she has as well as the amount of comments she receives.  Obviously she has had a lot of practice with blogging and goes by the book when it comes to creating a large and loyal fan base.  Her frequent posts and unique insight give people reason to visit her blog often and on a regular basis.  She’s also a female blogger which gives girls looking for information on women’s boarding gear a great outlet to come to.

Furthering her credibility, Shannon has received awards and recognition from Snowboarder Magazine, the Denver Westward Newspaper and ESPN.  In her media kit she gives quotes from recognizable people in the industry, including representatives from many snowboarding companies, that clearly show her brilliance as the mind behind Shayboarder.  A videos section would be an area where she could improve and add additional content but nobody is perfect.  It’ll be interesting to see if other credible female-driven blogs pop up in the future, based on the inspiration Shannon has provided through hers.  In essence, however, she’s developed a magnificent blog that has been extremely successful and has no limits.


~ by Eric Gustafson on July 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Shayboarder: One of a Kind”

  1. It sounds like Shayboarder may be a niche within a niche, female boarders. The great thing about this particular blog is that she is doing something unique, which is a major criteria for having a successful blog. It is different but there is a definite market for her, as she has demonstrated from the success of the blog. Offering reviews is seems like a great way to gain traffic initially, but from what I can tell her blog offers a lot more that just reviews. My favorite part of the blog site is the Ask Shay page. What a great way to engage readers! I’m not sure how many questions are asked and how many she answers but she answers them with enthusiasm and some great tips.
    Like you said it could use a few tweaks here and there but overall is a great community builder.

  2. Wow, what a cool blog! Looks like she really knows what she’s doing. Not only is this blog extremely organized, but she keeps it up to date on a daily basis. Between her “Ask Shay” page and her chat widget, followers are easily able to communicate with Shay because it looks like she responds to every question or comment. I even saw one comment that asked Shay if they could meet up and ride since they were going to be at the same resort and Shay was welcoming to the idea. Galleries, interviews, reviews, shred journal, and more make this blog worth following for any snowboarder. She definitely shows how knowledgeable she is in the area and offers valuable insight for any snowboarder. This is a very cool blog and a nice find Eric, but I do agree that she could use some video content.

  3. Oh, and you might want to put that quote into your own words!

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