Lib Technologies Hits the Blogosphere

Blogs can provide a variety of value to companies when used correctly.  They can improve visibility on search engines such as Google.  Linking in blogs can also enable people to cross your company’s path even when not strictly looking for it.  They enable less technically-capable people and organizations to easily create a web presence without having to pay somebody to code a web page.  Additionally, blogs provide a great platform to host multimedia such as videos and photos, two things which are increasingly popular for consumers. Blogs also allow companies to create and maintain relationships with their stakeholders.  All of these things provide value so why don’t all companies have a blog?  Well, some most likely don’t understand the simplicity and benefits they provide, but many companies in the snowboard industry are opening their eyes and taking advantage of blogging.

Lib Technologies, commonly known as Lib Tech, is utilizing its blog to the fullest.  They are a part of a larger company known as Mervin Manufacturing, which also manufactures GNU products and are commonly known for their creative innovations in the snowboard, ski, and skate industries.  Technologies such as Banana Traction (BTX) and Magne-traction (MTX).  They tend to be more expensive boards than your standard board but all of their products are handcrafted in the US and are produced with eco-friendly products.  Anyone who has used their products can vouch for the company’s brilliance.

Okay, so we know who Lib Tech is now, but what are they doing in the blogosphere?  I’m glad you asked.  Lib Tech’s website is actually a blog!  It’s hard to tell at first glance but it’s laid out with exact blog standards.  Users are enabled to comment on whatever they see, there is a reverse chronological order to the successive posts, and they also promote viewers to share all of the posts with icons for Twitter, RSS and the like.

Lib Tech does a fantastic job with utilizing the page to the  max.  In the prime real estate they have rotating images that promote the latest news, videos and even their artists.  Unlike other companies Lib Tech makes it very clear who does their art which definitely boosts morale amongst the artists.  They even have an artist page with pictures, bios and additional facts about their artists.  Well, some of their artists are a pretty well known for things such as snowboarding as well, including the legendary Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn

Snowboard Legend and Lib Tech Artist Jamie Lynn

Aside from promoting their people they also promote their products with navigation to their snowboards, skateboards and NAS (skis, but they call them Narrow Ass Snowboards).  Under these drop-down menus in the navigation they include facts about their technology, apparel, and accessories.  Although you can’t buy the products directly from the site, they have a shop page that directs you to all of their online retailers’ websites.  A final aspect that makes this blog effective is the videos section.  It enables users to go to one spot for all the videos they have posted in previous blog posts that may not appear on the front page due to more recent posts.  People love video and snowboarding is a great sport for video footage.  It also allows them to promote their professional riders such as Mark “Lando” Landvik and Travis Rice.

Overall, this blog has created more internet presence for a great company and was easier and cheaper than creating a site from scratch.  It can also be maintained by a less tech savvy person which makes it easy to frequently update.  Other companies, including upstart YES Snowboards are taking advantage of the super cheap and easy to produce blog.


~ by Eric Gustafson on July 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lib Technologies Hits the Blogosphere”

  1. Lib Technologies Hits the Blogosphere…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. What a cool website, it actually is a blog! Lib Tech has always been one of the most innovative companies in the snowboarding industry but it is interesting to see them showing this innovation through social media. But even though their LIBlog (very clever name) appears to be innovative, I do not think they have done the best job spreading the word about their site because people are not participating very much. I only saw one or two comments on the front page of the blog and a few people that “liked” some posts on Facebook. If they could generate more traffic through their site I’m sure it would be much more successful because the site already offers links to share posts on nearly EVERY social media platform!

  3. Now this is what I’ve been wait to read about from your posts. I expected the snowboarding industry to be innovative in this precise way. Blogging is such a great way to build a community and that is exactly what I think of when thinking of snowboarders. They are a community and why not bring that community online through social media?
    I may have a theory as to why there is not as much traffic as we would like to see on a site like this. Is it possible that during the summer months customers are less likely to visit snowboarding sites? It could be painful to see something they can’t have for a few more months.

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