From Magazine to Mega-Blog

Transworld Snowboarding is a Magazine that has been in publication since 1987.  It is the most widely read snowboard magazine, edging out Snowboarder Magazine by a few hundred thousand.  It’s no longer just a magazine anymore though.  It’s a full-blown, media rich WordPress blog.  Who wants to flip through static pages of a magazine when they can see their favorite snowboarders in action at the click of the mouse.  Although the magazine is still in publication, the blog draws a lot of viewers and surely assists in the overall success of the company, which includes other magazines of Xsports such as skating, surfing, etc.

So why WordPress?

WordPress is a great tool for businesses such as Transworld Snowboarding.  It has millions of blogs and tons of active users from which Transworld can draw from.  When a registered WordPress user visits any of Transworld’s sites, they can automatically comment on videos and other media through their WordPress account.  This is great so people who want to interact don’t have to go through the age-old and time consuming process of signing up for an account, verifying through e-mail, etc.  They also aren’t forced to remember another log in and password, which is beneficial so that users can easily come back to the site and interact.

Aside from easily allowing users to interact, the blog provides a great compliment to the magazine which is only published 10 times annually.  The magazine also has limitations that the internet provides simple solutions to these issues.  For example, prior to the blog, if Transworld wanted to provide video footage for its subscribers it would have to do so through expensive to make and ship DVDs.  With the blog, they can simply upload videos and trailers to the internet and not have to worry about excessive costs and whether or not they are worthwhile.

Transworld Photo

The blog also allows a stronger, more tight knit community to develop.  The snowboard community is one that thrives on interaction and word of mouth, and Transworld’s blog furthers the ability to interact.  Frequent video and photo uploads are great for creating discussion as well as showing off skills.  Transworld’s blog even has a “How To” section where they post trick tips, guides on fixing and maintaining your snowboard.  There’s even a guide that shows how to create a Split Board from your old snowboard, how cool.

In summary, Transworld Snowboard is giving itself a huge boost by maintaining a great WordPress blog that is extremely interesting and interactive.  The company has been credible in the Xsports industry for a long time but is taking the community aspect to a whole new level with web2.0 tools.


~ by Eric Gustafson on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “From Magazine to Mega-Blog”

  1. This is a great idea for magazines and I wouldn’t be surprised if many magazines already have blogs like this or are in the process of making one. Having this blog will keep readers interested in Transworld Snowboard in-between issues. Additionally, this gives the magazine the chance to find out what its readers want from them by engaging in that two-way communication that we talk about so often in social media marketing strategies. Transworld is making a view smart move by using WordPress and making the site easy to navigate. Readers will become energized and hopefully continue to promote the blog the the rest of the snowboarding community.

  2. In a time of low readership and circulation, magazines are jumping on social media as new means for engaging readers. It seems like Transworld is doing a good job of utilizing their blog to do just this. I like how they use WordPress because most bloggers probably already have a WordPress account, making it much more convenient and probably more encouraging to interact within the blog. From what I saw, it looks like they post a lot of funny, goofy, and random content on their blog page. Believe it or not, I believe this is appropriate because it reflects a lot of snowboarding culture. Aside from their blog page, they keep posts relevant to snowboarding on their homepage and this appears to be where people are most engaged.

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